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Content Strategy

You know that organisations at the top of Google get the most traffic. And you know that more traffic is important for achieving your organisation’s mission. So, naturally, you want to appear up top for relevant searches. But how? With content strategy.

Creating a content strategy involves:

  1. Keyword Research

    Which words and phrases are your audience searching for? In what volumes?

  2. Competitor Analysis

    How many competitors are trying to rank for these keywords? Can we do better?

  3. Review of Your Existing Content

    Do you have any content that’s ranking for keywords we can use to our advantage?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we can create a content strategy. This strategy is designed to improve your appearance in search and bring your target audience to your website.

Your Content Strategy Will:

  • Recommend articles to create for your website
  • Tell you which SEO keywords to target for each article
  • Include recommended titles for each article
  • Summarise the content of each article
  • Include a linking strategy between articles

The Content Strategy Process

  1. Questionnaire

    To begin, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire to identify your audience, competitors and desired results.

  2. Account Access

    Next, I’ll ask for access to tools that contain data about your website’s performance, e.g. Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  3. Analysis

    Then, I’ll examine which SEO keywords your website is ranking for - and compare this with your competitors. I’ll target relevant keywords to discover how many people are searching for them, how competitive they are, and whether we might outperform existing content.

  4. SEO Content Plan

    Next, I’ll create an evidence-based SEO content plan. This plan will include article titles, summaries, SEO keywords they should target, and linking strategy. A feedback call will ensure you understand the plan fully.

  5. Action

    Lastly, if you’d like to, you can add my bolt on content writing service. This involves me writing the articles from your content plan for you. All articles are written in line with SEO best practice and Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) principles in mind.

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