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Content Audit

If you've been blindly adding content to your website for years, it's likely become a labyrinth of disconnected pages. It’s time for a strategic clean up. A content audit is an easy way to quickly improve your SEO.

Your website's become a leviathan. You'd like to keep content that's performing well, but remove content that's harming your SEO. But how do you know which is which?

The answer is with a content audit.

In short, a content audit rates the performance of all content on your website. It asks: 

  1. Is this content attracting visitors? 
  2. Are they the kinds of visitors we want? 
  3. Is the content the best it could be? 
  4. And does it relate logically to other content on our website?

Next, it gives you an action plan for what to do with all your content, based on facts and figures.

This action plan will include recommendations to: 

  • Delete deadweight articles
  • Amalgamate repetitive content
  • Link article clusters together
  • Improve content that could perform better
  • Keep content that’s performing very well

Content audits stop you deleting good content or wasting time improving content that’s doing badly. They streamline your website and deliver quick SEO wins. 

And if you need help actioning the recommendations, I can do that too!


  1. Questionnaire

    First, I’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire that defines your target audience and goals. This helps me assess whether your content is delivering.

  2. Account Access

    Second, I’ll ask for access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. These give me accurate performance data for all content on your website.

  3. Analysis

    Third, I’ll connect your accounts to an approved industry tool to extract performance data. I’ll pour over the data, looking at SEO keywords, traffic, and competing content, to make practical recommendations.

  4. Report

    Fourth, you’ll receive a content action plan. This is a spreadsheet containing all content URLs, the recommended action, and the reason for it. We can also have a feedback call to make sure you understand all the recommendations.

  5. Action

    Lastly, you can opt for my bolt on service to implement the recommendations. Or you can action them yourself!

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