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Social Media Services


Instagram has sky-rocketed in popularity over the last few years and it’s not slowing down. Done right, IG provides a great opportunity for your organisation to engage with your audience in meaningful ways.

According to Sprout Social, Instagram was the most downloaded app in Q4 of 2021. It beat TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp! With so many users, IG provides unrivalled opportunity for your organisation to connect with its target audience.

It’s no surprise, then, that Instagram strategy and management is my most requested service.

Currently, I manage everything from large environmental accounts (142,000+ followers) through to smaller gardening and nature accounts (2,000 followers) that are looking to grow.

Whether you’re looking to create a new account or improve one you already own, I can help.

How Does Instagram Strategy Work?

I'll begin by analysing yours and your competitors' Instagram performance to find out what makes your audience tick. I will look at: 

  • Handles, bios & story highlights
  • Frequency & timing of posts
  • Content types, e.g. posts, carousels, reels, stories
  • Content topics, e.g. 10% tips, 30% news stories, 5% quotes
  • Accounts to target 

Once this analyis is done, I’ll then set an evidence-based strategy for you. You can then choose to implement this strategy yourself or have me implement it, and manage your account, for you. 

We can chat through how much support you’d like, but it can include:

  • Content planning, caption writing and scheduling
  • Image finding & editing
  • Live engagement (e.g. responding to messages, commenting, posting stories)>
  • Performance reporting (usually quarterly)

Instagram Strategy Process

  1. Questionnaire

    To start, I’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your audience, desired results and competitors. I’ll use your answers as the starting point for your IG strategy.

  2. Instagram Access

    Second, you’ll give me access to your Instagram account. This will give me access to your insights for the last year, so I can analyse your current performance. I’ll also record your metrics for comparison later.

  3. Research

    Third, I’ll take a deep dive into your niche. I’ll review Instagram bios, posts, stories, accounts and hashtags to create a winning strategy for you.

  4. Strategy Creation

    Next, I’ll write that Instagram strategy. You’ll receive a written report detailing my recommendations and the research behind them - and we’ll discuss it on a call to make sure you understand all of it.

  5. Action

    Fifth, I’ll action your strategy for you. I often recommend we begin with a 3-4 month trial period, ending with a progress report. This helps show you the value you’re getting from your investment. Alternatively, you can action your new strategy yourself.

  6. Ongoing Management

    Finally, if you’re pleased with your results, we can keep working together. I’ll manage your Instagram account for you with a rolling 1 month notice period. If you’d like, you can also add on a quarterly performance report to track progress.

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