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The 9th most visited website in the world, Twitter offers an exciting opportunity to connect with your target audience. Find out how I can help your organisation engage in conversations about breaking news, current events and interesting research.

With its 280 character limit and tweets primed for interaction, there's no other platform quite like Twitter. Used in the right way, it can help you engage your target audience, provide up-to-the-minute content and commentary, and network with like-minded outfits, 

But this takes skill. Not sure where to start? That's where I come in.

I've managed Twitter accounts for global health charities, plant societies and environmental non-profits with 18,000+ followers - and growing! Let me create a winning Twitter strategy for you. 

How Does Twitter Strategy Work?

To be successful on Twitter, you need first to take stock of where you are currently and how that compares with your competitors. So, I’ll look at: 

  • Bio optimisation
  • Frequency & timing of posts
  • Content topics, e.g. 10% tips, 30% news stories, 5% quotes
  • Hashtag research
  • Accounts to target

I will then create a Twitter strategy unique to your organisation. With your strategy set, I can action it for you and manage your Twitter presence. Or you can complete this next step yourself - whatever’s best for you! 

We can chat about the support you’d like, which could include:

  • Tweet planning, writing and scheduling
  • Image creation & editing 
  • Live engagement (e.g. retweeting, commenting, responding to messages)
  • Performance reporting (usually quarterly)

Twitter Strategy Process

  1. Questionnaire

    First, you’ll fill in a brief questionnaire about your audience, desired results and competitors. This will form the basis for creating a Twitter strategy that delivers on your goals.

  2. Twitter Access

    Second, you’ll grant me access to your Twitter account. This will allow me to view your analytics. It tells me what’s working - and not working - for your account. It also lets me record your current performance for comparison later.

  3. Research

    Third, I’ll dig into the data. I’ll get stuck in looking at Twitter bios, tweet contents, accounts and hashtags that perform best in your niche.

  4. Strategy Creation

    Fourth, I’ll create a Twitter strategy for you. You’ll get a written report detailing my reasoning and recommendations - and we’ll discuss it on a call to make sure you get the most out of it.

  5. Action

    Next, I’ll action your strategy and manage your Twitter presence for you. Most clients opt for a 3-4 month trial period with a progress report at the end to determine how your audience are responding. Alternatively, you can action your new Twitter strategy yourself.

  6. Ongoing Management

    Finally, if you'd like me to, I can keep managing your account. I can create and scheduling tweet, live engage with your audience, and respond to messages and comments. For this, I usually recommend a rolling 1 month notice period on both sides. If you’d like, you can opt for a quarterly performance report to track your Twitter progress.

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