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Would you like to leverage Facebook’s global audience for your cause? With business pages, themed groups and paid promotions, Facebook provides ample opportunity to engage with consumers relevant to your organisation. Find out more below.

Facebook users spend an average of 19.6 hours a month on the platform, compared with 11.2 hours per month for Instagram. And with the surge in popularity of Facebook groups, this social media giant has arguably found a way to stay relevant to today’s audiences.

Would you like to leverage Facebook’s audience for your cause? 

I’ve created and managed Facebook pages and groups for environmental non-profits, global health charities, and plant societies with followings of over 11,000 people. 

And I can support your organic efforts with paid promotions, using Facebook's powerful advertising platform.

Setting a Facebook Strategy

To be successful on Facebook, first you need to do your research and create a strategy. By looking at how your account is performing and what your competitors are up to, I can give you evidence-based recommendations for:

  • Optimising your Facebook profile
  • Frequency & timing of posts
  • Content types, e.g. stories, videos, posts
  • Content topics, e.g. 40% personal stories, 20% events, 5% news
  • Hashtags & accounts to tag

Facebook Strategy Process

  1. Questionnaire

    First, I’ll ask you to complete a quick questionnaire about your audience, goals and competitors. I’ll use this to set a Facebook strategy that achieves your desired results.

  2. Facebook Access

    Second, you’ll share login information for your Facebook profile. This is so that I can review your insights to see what’s working and to record your current performance for later comparison.

  3. Research

    Third, I’ll get stuck in looking at pages, groups, post content and types that perform best in your niche.

  4. Strategy Creation

    Fourth, I’ll write a Facebook strategy for you. I’ll create a written report, which we’ll chat through to make sure you understand my reasoning and recommendations.

  5. Action

    Next, I can action your strategy and manage your Facebook presence for you. Often, I recommend a 3-4 month trial period with a progress report at the end. This helps us see how your audience are responding and to hone your strategy accordingly. Alternatively, you can implement your strategy yourself.

  6. Ongoing Management

    Finally, if you’re pleased with the results, we can keep going. I’ll manage your Facebook presence for you with a 1 month notice period on both sides. If you’d like, you can also choose to have a quarterly performance report to track progress.

Actioning Your Strategy

Once you have a clear strategy, I can action it for you. We can chat about how much support you’d like, but it can include:

  • Content planning, post writing and scheduling
  • Image creation & editing
  • Live engagement (e.g. responding to messages, comments and stories)
  • Performance reporting (usually quarterly)

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